Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked (?) Questions

“A Music City” Nashville Music Valley Opryland Events Venue

1. Can we hire our own caterer? Yes with approved conditions.
2. Can we bring our own food? Yes with approved conditions.
3. Does the venue do inside catering? No, we have preferred vendor recommendations
4. Can we have, or bring in liquor? Yes with approved conditions.
5. Can I bring my own bartender? Yes/No Bartender must be licensed and insured. We use “only” two bartender staff companies that are licensed and insured.
6. Do you have staff that can serve our food? Yes/No We use “only” two bartender, and wait staff companies that are licensed and insured.
7. Is all that ceiling draping included in my base package? Yes … standard existing
8. Can we do our own decorations? Yes with a D.I.Y. opt-out plan
9. Can we not cover the tables? No … we have quality assurance standards and guidelines
10. Can we use plastic table clothes? No  … we have quality assurance standards and guidelines
11. Does the venue have all colors for decor decorations? Yes we have most … rental
12. Does the venue have candy buffet containers? Yes … many shapes and styles for rental
13. Does the venue have more than one style chair? Yes … Banquet and Chiavari and Bistro
14. Does the venue do center pieces? Yes … bring a picture, or select from our photo album
15. Can I bring my own center piece? Yes
16. Does the venue have a champagne fountain? Yes … 5 gallon tank … rental
17. Does the venue have a chocolate fountain? Yes … rental
18. Does the venue have a coffee percolator, and/or beverage pitchers for my buffet? Yes … rental
19. Does the venue have dishes? Yes … depending on your head count, and style … rental
20. Does the venue do “professional up-Lighting”? Yes … LED Controller Lighting of different colors … rental
21. Do I have to use your preferred photographer, and/or Videographer? No
22. Can we have a Band? Yes
23. Can we bring our own D.J.? Yes
24. Can we bring our own cake, or cupcakes? Yes
25. Can we hire own event planner? Yes
26. Does the venue have a regular Chaplin/Clergy for my ceremony? No … we have scheduling on-call, or bring your own
27. If I have my ceremony there, does the venue have a special dressing room for the bride, and her attendants? Yes
28. Can the venue create a special grand front entrance for arriving guest? Yes … Draped Cabana, with hanging lite chandelier . Rental
29. Does venue have a back vendor entrance? Yes
30. Does the venue do tenting/cabana? Yes …”some”, ask your consultant for details
31. Can we use foil aluminum pans on the buffet? No. We are not that type of venue facility.
32. Does the venue have buffet chafers? Yes … different sizes and shapes + sterno . rental
33. What type of venue are you?  NEbD party and meeting venue has code of ethics, and quality control standards.
34. What is the latest that we can stay? until Midnight … 1:00 a.m. with a conditional approval
35. Do you do all types of parties? Yes, with discretion.
36. Do I have to carry event insurance? Yes. This is for your, and your guest protection, as well as the venue, especially if any one vendor is not licensed, if you are drinking liquor, or bringing in your own food. Further, explanation will be provided during your site visit.
37. Does the venue have an ice maker machine?  No … We have an insulated Ice Storage and Beverage Holding Chest with casters that holds up to 200 pounds of ice.

Commentary Kitchenette:
Refrigerator, microwave, Heated Insulated thermostat operated Holding Chafer Food Warmer Cabinet, Ice Storage and Beverage Holding Chest with casters that holds 200 pounds of ice, Stainless Steel Tray/Chafer Pan Holding Rack, and Stainless Steel Prep Tables. The available Rentals “must be reserved in advanced” and are as mentioned food chafers, beverage pitchers with sprout, catering utensils, 5 gallon champagne fountain, coffee percolator, chocolate fountain, sterling silver trays, ice buckets, and other food serving accessories available. Click on links “Event Accessories link” then “Party Service Products link”, and “Food and Beverage link” to see an image of these products.

Multi-Purpose Flex Space Definition:
Used for Chapel Ceremonies, Social Cocktails and, Hospitality Gatherings for receiving Guest prior to Banquet and/or Reception, Corporate Meetings in Theater and Classroom style seating (projectors, projector screen, white board, house surround music, and intercom system rentals are available), Buffet, Bar, Event Furniture, Bistro (high boy), and/or four seat cocktail tables, Formal Presentations, Flex Room Reception Guests Overflow add-on, and more …

The Ceremony Chapel Events “Multi Purpose Flex Room” for a Ceremony can accommodate up to 150-170 guests theater style seating.  Multi Purpose Flex Room 100-120 for a social cocktail reception to receive guests prior to the main event, up to 64-80 for a seated dinner with stage. Small intimate parties for a “separate rental room” not available on Saturday.

PARKING:  Free and Unlimited parking + wheelchair accessible venue


BALLROOM “only” Banquet 25 up to 200 seated guests with small/medium dance floor, 150-165 large dance floor
BALLROOM + Events Multi-Purpose Flex Space – FULL SPACE (buyout) up to 200-230 seated guests with large dance floor, or Guest Over-Flow area 230 – 250 for a spacious seated RECEPTION dinner.  Note: (only 230 chairs available)
MULTI-PURPOSE FLEX SPACE “only” “great add-on” – many use this space as a “Social Cocktail” space to accent their reception with bar, buffet, bistro table and chairs, cocktail tables, special event furniture, and picture taking; leaving the ballroom primarily for dinner, entertainment and dancing.
BALLROOM + Events CHAPEL . Full SPACE (buyout) up to 275 guests standing social cocktail, and entertainment (buyout)
BALLROOM + Events CHAPEL CEREMONY:  Ceremony Events Seating 150 – 165 maximum seating with aisle, with a Large Stage (up to 10-22 wedding attendants) – Theater Style seating ceremony, with standard table seating reception with buffet, bar, cake, projector, music entertainment and dancing.

Venue Space: 5200 Square Feet

HOTELS:   Thirteen (13) Hotels in the immediate area, restaurants, mall shopping, golfing, adult nightlife entertainment, children activities, cab and bus transportation, 13 minutes from downtown.

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